For the first project in Interface Design & Technology, I chose to create an interactive directory system for the LSU Student Union.

Initial design for the system was done using paper sketches. This image shows the "home" page for the directory, providing an overview of the available information.

Final System

These hand-drawn sketches were then cleaned and digitized.

Final System

The digital designs were populated with content and modified to provide a better user experience.

Final System

The final system was implemented after several design iterations. Images and data are interactive - the user can select a floor in order to receive a close-up view with more information about that particular area.

Final System

For the final project in Digital Media Programming, I created "Abstract Art" - a simple, fun, and aesthetically pleasing platform game. This project integrates software, computer graphics, digital audio, and hardware.

An Arduino inside of the box is connected to the button and knob shown, serving as a controller for interaction with the system. The game and its graphics were created using Processing.js, and the audio effects were created on the fly in real-time using Pure Data (Pd).

As part of a course on Interactive Computer Graphics, I created a textured model viewer that allows the user to interactively view a treasure chest from any angle.

You can interact with the treasure chest model by clicking and dragging to rotate the model. Additionally, the sliders below can be used to change the position, color, and intensity of the light source as well as to zoom in and out on the model (by changing the field of view).

Please use the browser supporting "canvas". This content requires WebGL.
Point Light Source Position
   X: 0
   Y: 1
   Z: 0
Light Color
   R: 0
   G: 1
   B: 1
Light Intensity: 0
Zoom (field of view): 0

As part of the summer 2012 LSU Center for Computation & Technology Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), I worked with Dr. Jesse Allison on the development of iOS applications to support digital audio synthesis and real-time sound processing on mobile devices.

A summary of this work is available in poster format below.

As part of the summer 2013 UC Berkeley TRUST Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), I worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab with Dan Gunter and Dr. Anubhav Jain to develop a graphical user interface / dashboard in order to simplify the use of their scientific workflow management system by providing a visual way to easily monitor the system’s status.

Summaries of this work are available below in poster format,

As a paper,

Or as a slideshow presentation.